Tools for Getting Back and Staying on Track

Lost a little this morning when I hopped on the scale. Because I stayed on TRACK yesterday! Drank water. Ate reasonable qtys.  Tracked (a little) but still need more work here!

My current favorites of other weight maintenance bloggers: Keep it up David, Transformation Planet podcasts, Totally Kathy, Runs for Cookies, and My Journey to Fit. More detail and links about these later!

Water: 64 ounces minimum

10K steps: got 14.5K  (6 miles)  tread mill early for email and blogging!

Food: eggs/toast, apple/peanut butter, potluck after workout (mostly the proteins! lite on the carbs.)

27 minutes of body weight workouts: pushups, sit ups, squats, burpees, jump rope, lunges, heismans, planks, worlds greatest stretch…. followed by 15 minutes of yoga type stretch after.  pigeon, forward fold with crossed legs, arms up behind head/across front, hamstring, hydrants.



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