Twinsburg Turkey Trot

Saturday was the Twinsburg Turkey Trot and the weather was perfect! 47 degrees and sunny skies!

Just over 100 runners, many local cross country teens and people from every age group.

Just before the race, I got rattled when my iPod took a dive into the toilet. So I ran with Pandora pop fitness channel on my phone.

Using the heart rate monitor was a good idea, or I would have burnt out early. It was a “hilly” race with 219 of climbing. (Can I compare it to the 50 miles of sweet corn of 2500 feet of climbing?)

First 3 miles I kept it under 155 bpm, trying to stay aerobic by breathing in my nose and out my mouth, at 145 to 150. The second mile was the toughest, all uphill thru the woods. I had to walk at one very steep spot.

I was amazed that they cleared all the leaves out for us. Middle of the woods and the trail was spotless.

At the 2.5 mile point we got out of the woods and the neighborhood to turn the corner back and had our first down hill. Just before 3 was the water station.

Funny by the first half mile I had settled in to where I was going to where I was going to finish, passing only one person before the end.
The 4th mile I kicked my heart rate to 160-165. And the last mile into the one 170’s. I went under the finish bubble at 175 bpm, after coming up the hill from the road and running the community center drive at 171 or so.

I finished at 1:04 and something seconds with a pace of 12:58. I was “hoping” for 13 min mile so, yeah me.turkey-trot-resutls-2016

Last year was 12:12… but I’m much slower than last year.  That banana tasted so good, I think I should have had a shot block or Larabar at mile 2.5. Especially since the race started at 10 and breakfast was a long time ago.

Very fun to go with my friend.


I’m going to keep up my distance running up and  even add a couple miles over the holidays to get up to 5 to 7 at this slow pace.

I signed up for the frosty five on Christmas Eve day, 6 weeks out… and am thinking about New Year’s Day run.


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