Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Actually the title should be winner winner ice cream cone! but that doesn’t rhyme.  We did the Ohio City Run and Crawl on Saturday June 17 – the crawl part was supposed to be a beer crawl, but it was so hot we wanted ice cream. And knowing how my dehydrated body acts when I have some alcohol after exercise, I thought ice cream was a better idea.

It was 90 “feels like 97” when we did the 5K.

Both of us wore cooling scarves and I had one with little pellets to hold the water. There was one water station on the course, but I could have used 2, and wished that I was carrying water like I do sometimes on my training runs.

The run started down 25th street near the West Side Market in Cleveland and quickly dropped down into the bike trail – a part I hadn’t ridden before – then past the “singing bridge” and into the part with bridges that I remember.

I used my biking and spinning glute muscles to power up the hills. I can really feel how that training has helped my running because there were 2 serious hills we had to tackle in that heat.

I stopped and took a photo of me at the top of one hill, but even so really finished fast for me at a 13:01 pace.

1 Chris Brown Hudson OH 2251 60 511/608 40:22.19  13:01/M

So fast that I won for my age group, leading 7 other women! Click here for results for the Ohio City Run and Crawl 5K 2017. I was so surprised. In fact, we missed the medal presentation because we were off eating ice cream.

My Achilles Tendonitis had flared up after all the hiking in PA while we were camping the week before, but going to the chiropractor fixed it and I’ve been diligent about doing the exercises.

This weekend on Sunday July 2nd we’re doing a 10K. A first for me, I’ve never done a 10K before and this will be my longest distance race ever…

The 2 team marathons at 5.7 in 2016 and 2015 were very close to the 6.2, but it’s still another half mile longer.  Wondering if there will be hills. I checked out the map, but couldn’t tell.

The good news, I’ve joined the Nutrician Club at my gym and it’s working. I’m down to 152.4 which is a good running weight for me. My goal is to get down to 147 by late September so that I’m carrying less weight for the 13.1 miles.

Next week will add another mile to my 3x a week training runs. Doing one “long” run on the weekends where I add mileage each week and two 3 or 4 mile runs during the week.


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