Fun at the Raccoon Run

I had a ball yesterday at the Raccoon Run. First off, I ran before the race – a 5K before the 5K, getting 3.1 miles in as a warm up. Then ran the race. Then hung around for the awards, where I won first in my age group. Then ran another 4 miles as training for the CLE half marathon that is coming up in about 3 weeks!

It was very cold – 33 degrees, maybe 36 when I was done. And I got sweaty and cold twice while having the breaks in between the first 3.1K and the race and the second break, waiting until they got all the age groups done (it takes a while to get to 60-65 when they do both male and female at each 5 years.)

Got photos taken with the Raccoon character. And with a good friend of mine who has raced with me for the past 3 years. She is 9 years younger so her speed doesn’t mess up my age group award! We both won for our age groups!

I finished with a 13:51 per mile time or 43 minutes 30 seconds, but still felt good about it – I was able to “sprint” at the end, I stopped and got some photos until my phone’s battery died and I thanked the volunteers/encouraged others.

Later in the afternoon, when to the dog park and walked 5 laps around the lake. I’m amazed that I’m NOT SORE today.

Maybe all the taping, pacing, rolling, golf ball, tennis ball, stretching is working!! Yeah!!!

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