Running at the Back of the Pack

I’m considered a slow runner and that’s okay by me. I’m also a slow walker.I have short legs and a naturally short stride.

Doing races from the back of the pack is a totally different experience than trying to PR with a Personal Record.

I like taking photos along the way. Thanking the volunteers. Waving to the little kids. Petting the doggos and puppers. Exchanging a quick conversation with spectators. “Nice Sign!” “Whoo Hoo!”

I don’t like when I’m clearly walking and someone shouts. RUN YOU CAN DO IT. When clearly I’m on a walk break. Or just on a walk race.  I’ve been last before. Or among the last many times.

What makes it is the mind set.  It’s tough if there is no bananas left. Or water. Or the announcer already gave out awards and even though you were 3rd in your age group, they ran the tape before you finished.

I’ll never be the fastest. But I can be one of the ones who has a lot of fun. And hey, ultimately, fun is what keeps me motivated.

Update: No races so far in 2019. Transferred my CLE half bib to someone else. Right ankle continues to be aggravated even with my pt exercises. Very short walks. A lot of yoga and moderate amount of spinning. Current mantra: In breath “Resiliance” Out breath “Resistance.” Continuing to keep the weight down and weighed in at 163.0 today. Changed my eggs everyday to egg whites or oatmeal everyday in an effort to lower my cholesterol. Got my a1c down to 5.3.

What’s working: Eating lots of vegetables. Eating carbs in the morning. Enough water. Meditate and get enough sleep. Count my blessings. Focus on the beauty of nature. Moderate exercise (around 130 heart rate) enough to get the good hormones going but not enough to be ravenous or exhausted.

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