2020 Goals for Healthy Diet Motivation

So last year I tried the Phil Mafetone don’t train at high heart rate levels and worked out for 3 months in the winter/spring at around under 115 beats per minute.

It was a very very slow jog or a too fast walk. Bearly doing my spinning. Impossible to see the heart rate monitor when biking in the sunlight.

That whole idea was a bust. My cholesterol went high and I gained weight. My doctor said, “Go back to what you were doing.”

Meanwhile my ankle was really tweaked during the jumping reaction I had to a snake during training for the half marathon. While I worked on PT with it and getting my balance back, it continued to give me trouble.

While the taping job worked for not damaging it further, the short shift of my training took it’s toll on the fun of doing the race.

Had a run in with a tick (in May) and a bee (in August.) Not good for my body and affected me more than it should have.

Other than that, I was active in the summer and doing pretty well though September but in October turned into a couch potato. Took the month off and got discouraged. Gained more weight.

November 2019 I got back on the horse. Spinning 2x a week, circuit training 3 x a week. Some yoga and meditation but more focus on hiit workouts. December was good. January 2020 is pretty good but continue to fight sinus. I’m lifting heavier and being more consistent in my work outs.

Goals for 2020:
Stick with the habits. Declutter to focus.
Get back into the 150’s
Do a couple of 5 k’s again to work up to fun running
Stop trying to run with people who are faster than me, go my own pace and own it.

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