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Summer of 2012 at alumni band

Summer of 2012 at alumni band. Another plus of being fit… I fit inside it now!

I decided to start this blog to help me stay motivated on my weight loss and to stay healthy.  Diet isn’t really about dieting to lose weight but is more what is going in my mouth each day.

I’m using this to stay motivated to eat a healthy diet.  And if someone reads this along the way and gets motivated too, great!!

Turning 50 a while back started me on this journey.  I’m hoping that starting the healthy diet motivation blog will help me have a fast weight loss diet but still be healthy and smart when I lose …

And anyone who has ever struggled with a weight loss, it’s never ending trying to stay motivated.

2 thoughts on “About Me


    I am the director of FreezeAwayFat we manufacture and market the unique and innovative new product Cool Shapes® which utilizes the proven scientific findings showing that fat cells are sensitive to cold.

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    We look forward to seeing you at Fitbloggin’11!


    Jamie Burke

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