How I am going to get a new PR for a 5K?

So I’ve been training for the Akron Half and it’s going okay. I’m just running very slowly. Mostly don’t want to overdo and hurt my Achilles tendon. And I’m just a slow runner.

Slow, as in 13 or 14 minutes a mile.  My PR for a 3.1 race is 11:36. I’ve done that twice. But it’s been a few years ago.

And I’m going to try to hit it again, or better in another 10 days or so at the Race to the Taste.  I’ve done this race a couple of times. It’s always been blazing hot. So if it’s too humid, I wont try to go for a new PR, just use it as a training run.  But if the temperatures are right, I’m going to go for it.  Partly because I want to do some speed work outs and partly because it’s been quite a while since I hit my PR for a 5K.

This morning ran 4.1 miles with a 13:23 average, but negative splits. Saturday I ran 9.6 miles for my longest ever. I am thinking I’ll try a new longest ever, maybe in a week. Next Wednesday morning if the weather is good and I don’t have any big commitments.

Because of the MS150, I spent a lot of my June and July training time getting ready for the ride. It’s time now to focus on the running. Intervals. Hills. Endurance. Tempo runs. Cross training with yoga and cycling… maybe swimming but I think that my hurt the Achilles too.

Lots of foam rolling and rolling with a tennis ball.

Massage. Another trip to the chiropractor before the half to scrape the scar tissue with the Grafton technique.

I’m feeling pretty good, but not confident that I can complete the half in less than 3 hours… which is my goal. 38 minutes 5K and 1:19:30 for a 10K, 2:56:07 for a half. According to one of my apps. Not sure exactly how the per mile minutes work out – maybe a 12.26 minute/mile 5K, 13:14 for a 10K and 13:43 half.

My big plan? Lose another 5 pounds. It’s gotta make a difference. I read somewhere that each pound is worth like 10 seconds a mile. So if I can get rid of 5 more, that 50 seconds each mile or 11 minutes on the half.

Tuna/salmon/chicken, veggies, and eggs. Lots of water. Complex carbs. Hold the alcohol. I weigh 153 today. Can I get down to 148, 5 pounds less by 9/23? Can I do a new PR for my 5K?


6 Miles This Morning – No Problem

I was running side by side with my running buddy today. She did most of the talking as I was huffing and puffing a bit.

I must say, I’m surprised how easy it felt to do six miles on hills while talking with someone else.

Prior to the run I grabbed 2 bananas and 2 water bottles. We put a car at each end of the run. She had 2 water bottles too so we had a water station at each end.

A flushing toilet at the halfway point was an added plus, although it increased the time in the 4th mile split. Even so, we weren’t going for time as much as distance.

As you can see below, it was a slow easy run today. The negative splits reflect the direction of the hills more than our change of pace.

The weather was a little muggy, but not as bad as some summer days and the temperature was only around 70 degrees.

As we went up a series of hills, she reminded me that training is not just about building physical strength, but builds mental toughness too.

“When we’re running the half, I’m going to remember these hills and remind myself that I did them before.”  Me too! I know that will help me during the Akron half since there are lots of hills on that route.

Next Saturday we’re planning a 10 mile run. I’m already looking forward to it!


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Actually the title should be winner winner ice cream cone! but that doesn’t rhyme.  We did the Ohio City Run and Crawl on Saturday June 17 – the crawl part was supposed to be a beer crawl, but it was so hot we wanted ice cream. And knowing how my dehydrated body acts when I have some alcohol after exercise, I thought ice cream was a better idea.

It was 90 “feels like 97” when we did the 5K.

Both of us wore cooling scarves and I had one with little pellets to hold the water. There was one water station on the course, but I could have used 2, and wished that I was carrying water like I do sometimes on my training runs.

The run started down 25th street near the West Side Market in Cleveland and quickly dropped down into the bike trail – a part I hadn’t ridden before – then past the “singing bridge” and into the part with bridges that I remember.

I used my biking and spinning glute muscles to power up the hills. I can really feel how that training has helped my running because there were 2 serious hills we had to tackle in that heat.

I stopped and took a photo of me at the top of one hill, but even so really finished fast for me at a 13:01 pace.

1 Chris Brown Hudson OH 2251 60 511/608 40:22.19  13:01/M

So fast that I won for my age group, leading 7 other women! Click here for results for the Ohio City Run and Crawl 5K 2017. I was so surprised. In fact, we missed the medal presentation because we were off eating ice cream.

My Achilles Tendonitis had flared up after all the hiking in PA while we were camping the week before, but going to the chiropractor fixed it and I’ve been diligent about doing the exercises.

This weekend on Sunday July 2nd we’re doing a 10K. A first for me, I’ve never done a 10K before and this will be my longest distance race ever…

The 2 team marathons at 5.7 in 2016 and 2015 were very close to the 6.2, but it’s still another half mile longer.  Wondering if there will be hills. I checked out the map, but couldn’t tell.

The good news, I’ve joined the Nutrician Club at my gym and it’s working. I’m down to 152.4 which is a good running weight for me. My goal is to get down to 147 by late September so that I’m carrying less weight for the 13.1 miles.

Next week will add another mile to my 3x a week training runs. Doing one “long” run on the weekends where I add mileage each week and two 3 or 4 mile runs during the week.

End of Nutritional Challenge, Begin Half Marathon Training

So the gym challenge was a win for me – at end of the 8 week challenge, I am 10 pounds down – weighed in this morning at 152.2.

My bathroom scale said 153.2 so I’m feeling like I got a “gimme”. But I do see a bit of a difference in the two photos. Maybe tomorrow I will take another photo at the gym – I forgot to today when i weighed in… I was too excited about losing 10 pounds!

The Ultimate fitness challenge I was going to do at the other gym would have been tomorrow but it got cancelled because enough people didn’t participate. (Boo)

But meanwhile, i’ve found a good app with a good training plan for me called “Run Less, Run Faster” that has an awesome and do-able program for me to do the half marathon while I’m also training for the bike rides!




April 30 2017 Raccoon Run

Great weather and very fun. I really enjoy doing this run!
Lots of people from my gym there and nice sunny weather.

My running buddy from Stow and me:

Plus with only 8 people in my age group, I came in second.

No one else stuck around long enough to get their photo… I think all the fast people in my age group were running the HOF (Canton Hall of Fame half/full marathon.)

Even with a 12:02 pace!

Half way thru the 8 week challenge

It’s going pretty well.

Did 5 miles on Sunday – run 4 walk one… then rode 20 miles. That wore me out, but I still got 5 miles of steps done on Monday.

Preparing for June 3rd. Rowing, Lifting, Pushing up and pushing a weight.

Today weighed 158.0 so I’m 4 pounds down or so in a month. Not going to hit 147 by May 28, but maybe 154 or thereabouts. We’ll see.

My favorite food right now: chopped veggie salad with cider vinegar/olive oil/lemon and pepper dressing.