Welcome 2017!

Looking forward to a very good year.

But – Sigh – Why don’t I feel like I did okay in 2016?
When I did the counts, it looks pretty good:

151.5 miles running.  873 miles biking. Weight 165 (up 5 pounds), could be better, but could be much worse too! Ha ha.

Will do a full results in the goals/results tab on the navigation.

Big goal for the next 12 weeks: lose one pound a week so I hit my 60th birthday feeling like I’m starting the new decade in good shape!

Twinsburg Turkey Trot

Saturday was the Twinsburg Turkey Trot and the weather was perfect! 47 degrees and sunny skies!

Just over 100 runners, many local cross country teens and people from every age group.

Just before the race, I got rattled when my iPod took a dive into the toilet. So I ran with Pandora pop fitness channel on my phone.

Using the heart rate monitor was a good idea, or I would have burnt out early. It was a “hilly” race with 219 of climbing. (Can I compare it to the 50 miles of sweet corn of 2500 feet of climbing?)

First 3 miles I kept it under 155 bpm, trying to stay aerobic by breathing in my nose and out my mouth, at 145 to 150. The second mile was the toughest, all uphill thru the woods. I had to walk at one very steep spot.

I was amazed that they cleared all the leaves out for us. Middle of the woods and the trail was spotless.

At the 2.5 mile point we got out of the woods and the neighborhood to turn the corner back and had our first down hill. Just before 3 was the water station.

Funny by the first half mile I had settled in to where I was going to where I was going to finish, passing only one person before the end.
The 4th mile I kicked my heart rate to 160-165. And the last mile into the one 170’s. I went under the finish bubble at 175 bpm, after coming up the hill from the road and running the community center drive at 171 or so.

I finished at 1:04 and something seconds with a pace of 12:58. I was “hoping” for 13 min mile so, yeah me.turkey-trot-resutls-2016

Last year was 12:12… but I’m much slower than last year.  That banana tasted so good, I think I should have had a shot block or Larabar at mile 2.5. Especially since the race started at 10 and breakfast was a long time ago.

Very fun to go with my friend.


I’m going to keep up my distance running up and  even add a couple miles over the holidays to get up to 5 to 7 at this slow pace.

I signed up for the frosty five on Christmas Eve day, 6 weeks out… and am thinking about New Year’s Day run.

Tools for Getting Back and Staying on Track

Lost a little this morning when I hopped on the scale. Because I stayed on TRACK yesterday! Drank water. Ate reasonable qtys.  Tracked (a little) but still need more work here!

My current favorites of other weight maintenance bloggers: Keep it up David, Transformation Planet podcasts, Totally Kathy, Runs for Cookies, and My Journey to Fit. More detail and links about these later!

Water: 64 ounces minimum

10K steps: got 14.5K  (6 miles)  tread mill early for email and blogging!

Food: eggs/toast, apple/peanut butter, potluck after workout (mostly the proteins! lite on the carbs.)

27 minutes of body weight workouts: pushups, sit ups, squats, burpees, jump rope, lunges, heismans, planks, worlds greatest stretch…. followed by 15 minutes of yoga type stretch after.  pigeon, forward fold with crossed legs, arms up behind head/across front, hamstring, hydrants.


Up 2 pounds overnite!

Last night I ate salted popcorn and this morning the scale shocked me with a two pound gain.

I know better. I know not to eat salted popcorn. And I know not to freak out and overreact to a salted popcorn scale. Why did I even step on it this morning!?!

As I write this, I’m on the treadmill. Already determined to get my steps in.  To eat the right bslance of fat, protein and carbs. To drink all my glasses of water. And not to use food as an emotional crutch.

And stay away from salted popcorn!

Meanwhile I promised my exercise buddy to sign up for the 5 mile turkey trot again. It’s almost a month since the marathon relay and I haven’t been keeping up with my running.

Saturday did the HIIT workout. Kicked my butt!
Sunday rode 17.5 on the bike.

Better start putting those miles on the shoes!!

Perfect weather for the Akron Marathon Relay on September 24 2016

Team Relay Recap

I had fun at the marathon relay on Sept 24, but was disappointed in my time. After really thinking about it, I know exactly what it is. Too heavy. Not enough training. Specifically not enough miles in training. I averaged 8 miles a week for 6 weeks for a 6 mile race. After reading a lot of the blogs, I realize I need to avg more like 12-18 miles a week for 8 weeks to really be ready.

I didn’t have a running plan written down, but instead used the calendar to track, not plan.

Meanwhile my excuses, (some are valid):

  • Too hot.
  • High heart rate
  • Too busy
  • Just take longer, slower runs
  • X training ski patrol conditioning
  • I did it last year

What I regretted / why I didn’t do very well:

  • Not getting new shoes mid August
  • Not running inside in air conditioning when it was too hot
  • Not doing more frequent 3 or 4 mile runs (4 x a week)
  • Not doing my glute stretch everyday!
  • Ending most of my running with a 170 heart rate
  • Gaining several pounds (164) over last years race (156)
  • Drinking water/gatoraid each stop

What I don’t regret:

  • Making it about the people
  • Slapping hands along run
  • Shooting photos during run
  • Having a team
  • Expo
  • Buying shot block

So, I’m planning (although I didn’t BUY IT YET!) to run the Half next year:

For doing the half marathon next year:

  • Set a goal of 33 miles a week for the month of September
  • Long run should be 40% of entire week
  • In August run four times a week three or 4 miles at a time
  • Do a 6 K in June
  • Run 10 miles a week in July and ride 85 to 100 miles a week to pro for buckeye breakaway
  • Spin twice a week (30-35 miles a week right there!)
  • Stretch every day!
  • 10k daily (what?!? run a long run of at least 6.2 I mean weekly.)
  • Weight at 151 or less all summer.

First step is to start tracking food again. I did My Fitness Pal over the weekend. Saturday, but on Sunday, I only 150 calories left by 2 in the afternoon. So I did what always happens on a Sunday without a plan. Way over.  Went from 161.2 to 163.2. A lot of food and too much couch time.

Preparing for Sept 24

 Map my run

Whoot – I ran the farthest ever (since 1977 anyway!) when I did 6.4 miles. Okay, so a walked a bit of it to catch my breath!  The speed isn’t exactly right… I was MUCH slower.

One hour and 26 minutes later I finished. So, I think I’ll be ready for my 5.8 mile race as a team member in the Akron Marathon Relay later this month. Yes, it took me forever, but I did it! Maybe I will run the course this weekend like I did last year.

fitbit 7.01 miles screen cap
Before the run, I had only 0.41 on the mileage!

The app didn’t work for part of it (note the running thru the fields and thru houses at the 2nd mile!) But when I compared my fitbit to the mapmyrun, I determined it was 6.4 miles. I only got 5.74 credit on the MapMyRun. So far that app has messed up the last 6 runs!

Can’t Seem to Get Past this Plateau

It’s weird. For a year I’ve been on a plateau. Then a party or BBQ or potluck. And I jump up a pound or two.

I fight like hell to get it back down. Then another event. It is a constant fight. Then all the sudden, my weight drops. And it’s not like I dieted or something. But usually I got preoccupied with something else and was busy. Yeah, too busy to eat or snack I should say.

Being too busy isn’t fun. But having fun when I’m too busy to think about food is really fun.

Bike riding does it for me. It’s easy to do an hour and a half or two hours of riding with friends. And the thought of food isn’t bugging me. As long as I ate a banana or something before the ride.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and dropped 2 pounds. Without trying (who’s kidding, I’m always trying!) But without expecting to. Nice feeling. I’m still not past the plateau I’ve been fighting, but I’m within a glass of water of it!