Smaller Breakfast with a Big Portion but Low Points

I think I’m liking what 5 egg whites (zero pts) cooked in spray pam (zero points) have for nutrition with a little no fat cheese (1 pt) and a ww bagel (2 pts) with just a dab of promise (zero points).

Yum. Filling but only 3 points total.


Another LONG Walk with the Dog

Lucky Love BrownLucky loves his walks… in fact I try to not touch his leash until I’ve got everything (phone, iPod, water bottle, my license, and doggydo plastic bag) ready.

If I get the leash first, he is overly excited running back and forth to the door and to me. He LOVES exercise. I think he is training me!!

I actually forgot my water bottle in the car and wow it was humid last night when I was walking. But it felt great after a long day at the desk at work and Lucky loved it. He’s even getting better at not pulling my arm off with the leash.

There weren’t too many bikes out there and fewer walkers, so I was glad to have come company.

I keep saying LONG walk… it was only 3.3 miles. Enough to work up a good sweat in the humidity! Here’s a map of where we went using Map My Run. Of course I didn’t run it, but maybe jogged about .4 of a mile on the way back because the sun was starting to set and I didn’t want to be caught out in the dark.

Wednesday Check – IN

Okay, so the cholesterol number was not what I was looking for, but today’s scale was back to before I went to that food fest family reunion over the weekend.

Thanks for helping me stay accountable. Getting on the scale is really hard on the days I think I’ve gained… and oh so easy when I think I might have lost or stayed the same.

Gotta keep in mind “IT’S BEING HEALTHY THAT COUNTS!”
The rest of it is just a number.

Meanwhile I’ve walked 15 miles in the last week and my dog is happier too!

What is the GOAL? Surprise! It’s NOT to Lose Weight!

I subscribe to a website called that offers suggestions and motivation for keeping a household running – from a cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, maintenance point of view.

Today I got an email from another “FLYbaby” (which is what they call the members who are still learning — which is basically everyone.)
It hit me HARD because that’s what I’m trying to do here too:

I just had an ah-ha moment! As I sit in my messy kitchen thinking I’ve lost all the progress I ever made I realized…a clean kitchen isn’t the goal…the end all goal is to have the ROUTINE in place that KEEPS the kitchen clean…NOT the clean kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, a clean kitchen is a wonderful, amazing and (for me!) momentary thing! BUT, the routine of KEEPING the kitchen clean is what will ultimately bring joy/peace instead of despair.

And that is the whole point of healthy diet motivation. It’s not to lose the weight. It’s to keep the motivation to have a program, a plan for eating that will keep me healthy.

Yesterday I had my cholesterol checked. And it was higher than I had expected, even with doing my program. So I am renewing my efforts. The scale is just one number. But my cholesterol is THE number I’m really motivated by. Blood pressure hasn’t ever been a problem for me.

The problem for me is staying motivated. Losing weight isn’t enough.
I have GOT to have healthy diet motivation.

Group Hug – Gaining Motivation from Fighting the Fat Together

I am drawn to the group sites:

There is something about seeing other people’s blogs and sharing tips and stories that helps motivate me to stick to a healthy diet.

Today I just joined the 30 day challenge on the ‘hood.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Even though I’ve been at this (weight watching) for a while, I still am very much just putting a baby toe in the water to figure out how much I really want to share.  Like the photos.  Not sure about them yet.  Or the numbers.  Not really comfortable with that yet.

But I love when other people have the courage to share because it gives me the motivation I’m seeking.  Craving actually.  So I join the group and try to find a comfortable way to participate.

Maybe it’s the UN comfortable part that makes it motivating?

More Diet Motivation: New Obesity Stats Released from Center of Disease Control

Here’s another good reason to focus on having a healthy diet and staying motivated.

It seems like the rest of the country has done the same thing that I’ve done… gained weight from sitting behind a computer so much!

The latest national statistics on obesity just released from the Center of Disease Control show America is growing more obese.  All but one state has a 20% or more obese population and 9 of the states have a population that is more than 30% obese.

This  map of how America has grown more obese each year since 1985 is a frightening trend.  In just 25 years, we’ve really put on the pounds. Can anyone say a pound a year? Or two pounds a year?

What does it mean to be obese?  How fat is considered obesity? It is defined by having a BMI Body Mass Index of more than 30 points.  Normal is defined as 20 to 25.  Anyone who is 25 to 30 is just overweight.

Here is a handy obesity chart to see where you fair.

Some of the Medical Complications associated with obesity are  diseases like

  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • gallstones
  • gout
  • sleep apnea and snoring
  • heart disease
  • stroke

I find this motivating from a fear standpoint.