Goals & Results

PR’s (personal records)
Best Race 5k: 11:38 pace (36:06) at LCP 10/5/2013 (next best was 11:49 at Halloween and 11:49 at Raccoon Run , then 11:55 at Christmas Story)

Longest Race Distance 5.8 miles: 11:57 pace at Akron Marathon Relay 9/30/15

Best 5 mile Race: 12:12 (1:01:52) at the Twinsburg Turkey Trot 11/14/15. (Second best: 12:30 (1:03:00) at Frosty5 12/24/2014)

Best (and only) 4 mile Race: Turkey Trot 4 miles 56.41 minutes 11/26/09 14.10 minute miles

This “My Goals and Results” page is getting to long… so this will just be the goals and you’ll have to click thru for the results. Somehow I can’t just put up the results, I have to “explain myself” so it’s getting very long. Even some of the goals have explanations and some training stuff.

2015 Goals

  • Chin up. Do ONE! Again. (as in a goal again.)  But this time practice it to do it. (not practicing)
  • Spin M/F consistently… so Buckeye Breakaway, Sweet Corn 50 Challenge, Dog Days 65 etc are easy and fun. (did until end of March. Dog Days was too hot, should have hydrated more the night before & brought 2 water bottles. Did fine on BB & SC50)
  • Akron Marathon Relay – Train for a 10K  (3/8 weeks good)
  • Gx T/H/S consistently so I gain one half pound of muscle. (stopped in March)
  • Get weight back to 149 pounds. (10 lbs over, gained 7 since March)
  • Ski 12 times this season. (7 times Jan – March)
  • Do a new assessment at the gym and beat my sit up and push up record from 2013. (tabled after pirformis injury in March)

Click through for the 2015 Results


my 2014 goal list:

1) start every day over again (Did good, didn’t get discouraged)
2) track what I eat (only did breakfast consistently. Maybe track the night before in the morning?)
3) show up to my exercise class (Big stars. Very consistent)
4) 4 minute plank (alternate sides and middle every 30 secs) – Jury is out.
5) 5K in 33 minutes (36:47 in April, 36:58 in Dec, will look at Frosty5 divide by 5 multiply by 3.1)
6) Eat more kale, eat less cookies (excellent job. 5 gold stars)
7) Do on lousy pull up (chin up? whichever is easier) jury is out. No it’s not. Missed it again.
8) Drink 8 waters a day – Yes, maybe missed 8 times.
9) 1 minute bear crawl http://youtu.be/ORUVgqJLHEU  I got this easy. Next year make it 3 minutes. Or 3 one minutes with a 30 second break in between.
10) Make it fun and enjoy getting more fit – Definitely yes. Group exercise is the key for me. Biking with friends. 5:30 am workouts with the group.

March – hurt my piriformis muscle and learned more about the sciatic never than I ever wanted to!

Click HERE for the 2014 Results


2013 Results

  • Ran the Fall Classic (11/24/2013) at 19 degrees outside.  Not a PR but still very fun. 37:53 time at 12:13 pace. Ran it with my sister which made it extra special.  My friend came in 2nd in our age group for the half!
  • Did a night run called the zombie run (10/18/13).  No exact time because of the way the system is set up, but came in pretty well considering it was a trail run with roots and rocks and wobbley ground. IN THE DARK.  Definitely the dark and fear of being on my own in the woods kept me going!  Although there was a full moon, we were in the woods. A headlight lamp and a little flashlight didn’t really light the way very well and it worked best keeping up with someone just in front of me.  I finished 7th in my age group, I think. This is part of the fall running series, which I may consider doing next year.  Although falling and getting hurt is a real possibility!  It’s more fun to think about doing it after than it was in the actual doing.
  • Ran a 5K this morning (10/5/2013) New PR. 36:06 result. 11:38 minute miles! Jogged the first two miles, pushed a bit the 3rd mile and sprinted the last .1. I was hoping for a 38 minute which is what I’d been trying to do with my training at home. I was shocked when I saw 36 minutes on the clock.
  • Headwater adventure 7/13/13: water part cancelled, but came in 58:22 for a 10 mile ride/2 mile run.  #65 out of 96.
  • Sweet Corn Challenge 7/28/13 52 miles 3 hours 49 minutes. Lots o hills!
  • Rode the Chili March Metric on March 30.  Fun!! 68 miles.

Weigh in: 147.4 on Jan 1 2014

Pedal to The Point in 2013 –   I was feeling strong all the time – all 150 miles.

Goals for 2013:

  • Continue to work on upper body – be able to do 5 pull ups by this time next year! (could not do one last summer. Couldn’t even hold it after getting a boost up to a pull up with the strap on my foot)
  • Plank for 4 minutes 30 seconds. (That way I would have been the best planker in my boot camp last summer. I could only do it for 45 seconds. I’m already up to 1 minute 15 seconds now.) Funny how only 2 years ago I never even heard of the word plank.  My son and I were comparing plank exercises the other day since he’s home for christmas – he does side 10 second but crunches every muscle in his body for 10 secs at a time then rest 10 seconds for 30 seconds each side and 4 minutes in middle. (update: did 4 minutes at the end of bootcamp last summer)
  • Try something physcially that I’m scared to do or really don’t think I could do at least once a month (but keep it safe…(like yesterday I climbed the rock wall at the gym.  Without hesitation or stress.  Wow! In 2011 it was pedal to the point. In 2009 it was start going to WW meetings. Last summer it was sign up for boot camp.) (and in 2010 start this blog) (did 2 sessions of kettlebell. Was scared to do the one arm bell swing.)
  • Get in the National Weight Control Registry. (That means keep the 63 pounds of weight off by July 30, 2013)  Filled out the form and got in. First year in the books.
  • Keep my Healthy Diet Motivation by tracking my food with a focus on fiber and protein. Track vegies/water.  Minimize sugar/carbs so I don’t crave them.
  • Weigh in daily. Eat an apple/banana each day. Drink 8 waters or equivilent daily.
  • Keep a 5/7 workout going. 5 work outs in 7 days.  Could be Yoga, spinning, zumba, biking, skiing, walking, (running if my ankle gets better), boot camp training, pilates or other.  But at least 5 hours of exercise for every 168 hours.

How did I do on 2012??

  • Pedal to the Point in August – because of a bee sting allergic reaction & a trip to the hospital (to save my life!) I only completed 132 miles of the 160. Without the bee sting I’m confident I would have nailed it. Luckily I was in the lead of the pack of 10 teammates when it happened and they all stopped to help me.
  • Sweet Corn Challenge in July – completed without over exercertion with the exception of one pesky hill. Need more hill training. Tried to get off my bike when my heart monitor showed 182 but didn’t kick out of the cleat completely and fell. In front of a truck. 182 is too high for someone who is 55 years old. Note to self. Work on more hills next year. Or jump out when heart is 175 instead. Or both!!
  • get down to my “goal weight” by summer. = My biggest accomplishment in years! Got to 149 on July 30, 2012 which is my weight watchers goal weight. But perhaps more importantly, here on December 30, 2012 I weighed in at 149.4 this morning. Whoot!
  • be able to jog with the dogs without feeling like I’m a clutz.  (I don’t think that goal is worded the way it should be!!) – Sorry Charlie. Achilles Tendonitis makes this on a no start. Walking 2.8 miles at Hudson Springs park with the dog(s) is an extreme challenge that hurts my achilles way too much and will have me limping for a week. I walked them twice this year there and regretted it both times.
  • Average 25 miles of biking a week. – Knocked this out of the park. During the summer we were riding 3 times a week about 25 miles at a time. I am regularly spinning 60 or even 90 minutes each week, plus, plus plus.
  • Try out Yoga to see if the flexibility, strength is something I like. Home Run. Tried it. Liked it. Love it. Have been doing an Advanced Yogo Vinyasa Flow on Sunday mornings that is just awesome. Have several moves down (downward, upward dog. child. bridge.) still working on Eagle, Chair, Crow, Wheel, ETC! Even got yoga clothes and a yoga matt for chritsmas
  • Work on upper body strength. Nailed it. Did boot camp 3 days a week in the summer at Life. Conditioning 2 days a week at Boston Mills in the fall. Now I can almost work out comfortably with 6 pound weights. And do a plank. And even strong mountain climbers. 20 push ups in 30 seconds.

Here’s my 2012 plan:

  • Pedal to the Point in August
  • Sweet Corn Challenge in July
  • get down to my “goal weight” by summer
  • be able to jog with the dogs without feeling like I’m a clutz.  (I don’t think that goal is worded the way it should be!!)
  • Average 25 miles of biking a week
  • Try out Yoga to see if the flexibility, strength is something I like
  • Work on upper body strength

Here’s my 2011 race plan:

  • Haven’t picked any races yet, but here’s my search results.
  • Going to do 5 5K’s

results for 2011:

3/24/12 – didn’t do any 5 ks’ but I did ride 150 miles in 2 days on my bike for Pedal to the Point, 95 miles in one day on the Western Reserve bike trail, over 75 miles down to stark county on the bike trail and have averaged 2 spinning classes a week thru the winter, skied 8 times this winter, and have signed up for Pedal to the Point again.

Here are the race results from 2010:

  • NONE.  Just did a lot of walking.
  • Volunteered for a water station at the Cleveland Marathon, which was fun and motivational.

Here are the race results from 2009:

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