2014 Results

Here’s how I did in 2014 against my goals:

  • December 24, 2014: Frosty5, 5 mile run with Jill 12:30/mile 1:03:00 time.
  • December 6: Christmas Story 5K 11:55/Mi 36:58 28th in age group 1268/2388
  • Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec – Kettle Bell/TRX Fusion class 3X week. Good until Nov (2 weeks off with allergic reaction recovery).I can do 10 pushups/pikes with my feet suspended from the TRX straps in one minute now.  At first I couldn’t even do 1.I am swinging the purple 20lb kettlebell for one minute at a time and doing blue 18lb most of the time on the squats.  Lime green 15lb for triceps.  One arm death grip is still the yellow 12lb.  Started Swinging the light Orange 25lb KettleBell in mid December!
  • Sept/Oct/Nov – Ski conditioning 2 x week. 10 circuits of conditioning exercises twice (or 3 times) around and then 20 minutes of Yoga after. Only missed 4 times.
  • August: 152 miles over 2 days biking on the MS Pedal to the Point.
  • Completed a full summer (May/June/June/Aug)of Boot CampMon/Weds 5:30 am and Saturday 7 am. Completed 40 sessions, missed 8 (2 hurt, 2 florida, 2 day of and day after P2P, day after sweet corn, and one too tired from biking/late potluck night before)
  • July: Dog Days Wine Tour on bike: 67 miles bike ride on a Saturday. Flat roads and trails with 3 wineries.  Very fun. Repeat next year!
  • Sweet Corn Challenge: 50 miles of exhausting hills.  Need to do more spinning in May and June next year. I think the hamstring pull in June and one week off affected my endurance, but I finished.
  • Strava: 56.7mi     3,157ft
  • May and June 2014 – WW goal with free WW
  • April 5K – Raccoon Run 36:47 with a 11:49 pace Guess what? I got 3rd in my age group and got a medal! 269 out of 402.
  • April Indoor Triathlon: 8.59 miles (20 minute swim, 20 minute bike and 20 minute run) – 4th place (out of 5)…Definitely do next year, but practice swimming.  I did the swimming with zero practice.