2015 Results

Reminder of 2015 Goals

  • Chin up. Do ONE! Again. (as in a goal again.) But this time practice it to do it. (doing pushups instead to build up strength)
  • Spin M/F consistently… so Buckeye Breakaway, Sweet Corn 50 Challenge, Dog Days 65 etc are easy and fun.
  • Akron Marathon Relay – first 5.7 race run!
  • Get weight back to 149 pounds.
  • Ski 12 times this season.  (7x Jan-March)
  • Do a new assessment at the gym and beat my sit up and push up record from 2013.

January 2015:
Monday and Friday showed up to every spinning class (9 classes) at 5:45. Getting stronger. I like this. Great music and fun group. Then usually walked 15 to 30 minutes afterward around the track.
Tues/Thursday showed up to almost all the classes (7 classes) at 5:30 (except when I took my mom to the dr.) Did pretty well but started the 28 day detox in mid-month which definitely affected my stamina, determination and strength. Also, nasty fall on my left shoulder while skiing on 1/18 reduced my ability to plank/push-up and suicide plank without pain in the left shoulder. So I took it easy. 3 weeks later, shoulder doing better, but not 100% yet.
Saturday classes – only made 2 of the 5 due to 1) funeral 2) sister visiting and I didn’t want to overwhelm her and 3) going skiing in NY over the weekend.

Feb 2015: First week – spin, workout, workout. Feel tired from the weekend and sick of doing the 28 day detox. thank goodness it is almost over (day 25!) I think I’ll finish with a 5 pound loss, which I can’t complain about!!

March April and 1/2 of May: Nursed my Injury back! I’ve struggled with piriformus syndrome where my sciatic nerve is killing because the piriformus is irritated and swollen. Lots of physical therapy type exercises, patiently waiting to get better so I can start my relay training to run a 6k in September. By mid May, 65 miles of bike riding.

Summer 2015:
Lots of bike riding. Like 80 miles a week.
Bumblebee sting on a training ride last Thursday (July 23) I’m hoping it don’t get another for 3 more years!
Sweet Corn – 50 miles. Did good. My knee hurt the last 2 miles, but the piriformis did great.
Dog Days – it was 88 degrees and I got overheated by only having one water bottle. Chills and all. only did 56 of the 74 miles.
Buckeye Breakaway – did great. Weather perfect. I had a head ache on the 2nd day (just drank 1/2 a beer the night before, but that was enough. Next year, no beer!)
Sept 2015Race to the Taste: 12:16 for 3.1 finished at 38:07
Akron Marathon Team Relay: Goal cool day: 12 minute miles for 5.7 miles – 68 minutes for my leg. If it’s hot – 12:30 /70:11 minutes.  ACTUAL: 11:57! Whew-o  5.7 miles good weather.

October 2015
Scope it Out 5K Hudson – 12:12 37.82
Halloween Run Cuyahoga Falls 5k: 11:49 36:45 3.1

November 2015
Turkey Trot 2015 5 mile on 14th (Plan was to try to break my 5K pr of 11:3 with a goal of 11:30) Hills and 41 degrees.  Pace: finished 5 miles with a 12:12 1:01:52

December 2015
Frosty 5 planned on 12/24 not sure if I’m going to sign up ahead of time or not…

I may just run it as a person, not in the race because of all the activities planned that day!