2016 Results

Seasonal goals:

  • Winter: take ski lessons and move up from advance intermediate. (Skied 7 times)  Spin. (good for about 5 months until June) HIIT. Didn’t do this.
  • Spring: Learn about weightlifting and build muscle mass. (Did this, lifted maybe 10 times) Spin or Ride. Went Riding
  • Summer: Ride my bike average 50 miles a week. Run an average of 10 miles a week Rode the CLE night ride, 10 miles of rain.
  • Fall: Akron relay, ski conditioning, more weightlifting.

All together:

873 miles biking, 151 miles running and 165 weight.
Using 15 pounds weights on the bench.
Pull up getting about 8 lifts with the 80, another 8 with 90.


  • Dog Days
  • Sweet Corn Challenge
  • Buckeye Breakaway
  • Akron Marathon Relay in September 13:13 pace for 5.7
  • Turkey Trot in Twinsburg 12:57 for 5 miles
  • Frosty5 13:13 for five miles


  • up 5 pounds to end 2016 at 165


January – took ski lessons 3x. Spin 3x. HIIT 5x. Outside run 6x (florida). Bike 47 mi.
Feb – ski lessons/skiing 4x. Spin 3x. HIIT 4x.
July: Dog Days and Sweet Corn completed. Stopped at 45 miles on Sweet Corn due to rain. Slow on both.
August: Buckeye Breakaway – First day finished near the front, because I skipped the last rest stop because it had so many bees. Second day was long, hot and I was slow. Had some seat issues.
Sept: Rode the CLE night ride, 10 miles of rain. Ran the Akron Marathon relay very slow! 13:15 pace for 5.7.  (Compared to 11:57 in 2015… that’s what 9 pounds of extra weight will do for you!)

As of end of 2016:
Your BMI is calculated to be: 27
Your HRmax is calculated to be: 173bpm
Your target heart rates for interval training are:
During intervals cardio: 147 – 164 bpm
During active rest/fatburning: 112-130 bpm

Goal for 4th Qtr:
1) Lose at least 8 pounds to get back to where I was a year ago. — Didn’t
2)Train and run 2 more races before the end of the year — did it!
3) Lift and strength train so I gain muscle while I’m losing weight (is that possible? probably a bad idea.) yep can’t do both at once!! I did life and strength train and saw improvement there.