2018 Goals


Have fun and finish strong on the 3 challenging events I’ve signed up for:

  1. May 20 – Cleveland Half Marathon  721ft elevation
  2. Aug 2-3 – Buckeye Breakaway 150 mile weekend for MS Bike fundraising
  3. Sept 29 – Akron Half Marathon 545ft elevation

Focus on Consistency over Intensity: That is keep on keeping on. Don’t jump in too much one day and not something EVERYDAY with varied cross training, weight lifting, yoga, biking/spinning or walking. And of course lots (but not too much!) running.

Weight: Get a few more additional pounds off that crept on after the Akron half – Stay around 155 for the year, but increase muscle mass. Look for more tools to stay the course when I feel like emotionally eating. Find 2 more go to recipes that are yummy, easy enough to pull together fast, healthy and part of my maintenance arsenal.

Stay healthy:

  • Improve balance and flexibility. Lots of one footed balance moves to reduce possiblity of falls (on ice, curbs, potholes or raised sidewalk panels.) More yoga.
  • Continue every day with tendon health – rolling, stretching, PT on feet/ankle/glutes/shoulder. Reduce probability of Achilles issues with my challenge goals.
  • Recovery: Shoot for an average of 7 and a half hours sleep each night.