2018 Results


Have fun and finish strong on the 3 challenging events I’ve signed up for:

  1. May 20, 2018 – Cleveland Route  721ft elevation – Results of Cleveland Half Marathon
  2. Aug 2-3, 2018 – Buckeye Breakaway 150 mile weekend for MS Bike fundraising. Super hot.
  3. Sept 29 – Akron Half Marathon 545ft elevation. Struggled the last half with achilles. Run 90 secs, Walk 30 in the first half switched to walk walk.

Focus on Consistency over Intensity: That is keep on keeping on. Don’t jump in too much one day and not something EVERYDAY with varied cross training, weight lifting, yoga, biking/spinning or walking. And of course lots (but not too much!) running. RESULTS: b-.  Too much intensity, not enough consistency. Great Goal however.

Weight: Get a few more additional pounds off that crept on after the Akron half – Stay around 155 for the year, but increase muscle mass. Look for more tools to stay the course when I feel like emotionally eating. Find 2 more go to recipes that are yummy, easy enough to pull together fast, healthy and part of my maintenance arsenal. Results: b- up and down thoroughout the year. 155 to 165 back to 160. Fluctuating. LCHF is my go to recipes. Skipping the toast and pasta. Eating more healthy fats like avocados and olive oil. Working on eliminating unneeded sugar.

Stay healthy:

  • Improve balance and flexibility. Lots of one footed balance moves to reduce possiblity of falls (on ice, curbs, potholes or raised sidewalk panels.) More yoga. A+
  • Continue every day with tendon health – rolling, stretching, PT on feet/ankle/glutes/shoulder. Reduce probability of Achilles issues with my challenge goals. B
  • Recovery: Shoot for an average of 7 and a half hours sleep each night. A+