2019 Results

Resilience –

Focus on Mental Health and Attitude Recovery. (Good!!!)
Read at least one book a month that focuses on breathing, relaxing, perspective, habits, improving focus, increasing PMA, developing inner peace.

Results: read Let Your Mind Run – Deana Kaster (again) andHeal Yourself with Hypnosis – Andrew Weil and Steven Gurgevich (several times), discovered Yoga Nidra, inconsistenly meditated, discovered 4-7-8 breathing.

Consistency over Intensity

Work on Phil Maferson’s heart rate 3 month at 180 minus age (119 max heart rate for training) for 85% of my training and workouts. – Did this for 3 months. Slowed down. Won’t do this again.

Increase mileage at 10% per week, adding cross training to improve cardio and yoga to improve ligaments/tendons. – Stopped running completely.