August to November 52% workouts

November was really good at 60% and I am going to go for a 65% in December. I lightened up a bit in August following Buckeye Breakaway… and also in October following the Marathon Relay.

But back at it in November and feeling good in December.

60 percent workouts during November but 52 percent for August thru Nov 2015

I’m going to make my December goal a 65% workout month. I am not on track with my Kettlebell challenge, but down 5 pounds. Still have time to get the other 10 pounds off this month!!

I’m tempted to up the workouts to 75%, but what I need to focus on is the food intake.  Type and portions.

  1. drink water
  2. eat a high protein breakfast
  3. don’t snack on carbs in the afternoon
  4. plan lunches and dinners… don’t wait until I’m hungry to make decisions about the choices of type or how much
  5. grocery shop for good choices
  6. DO NOT emotionally eat this month. (Dec is one of the big 3 emotional months…Sept/May/Dec, Although with the kids grown, Sept/May are much easier!!)
  7. Get enough sleep