Hamstring Pull

Funny how things worked. Pulled a hamstring muscle on June 21st and stopped all exercise for 11 days. Ow, ow, ow, OUCH. Ice and heat and rest. Compression. Barely got work done. It’s hard not to limp when it hurts. Finally went to get a massage. Smartest move ever! Note to self, if you’d been getting massages during all this exercise, you probably wouldn’t have had the injury to start with.

Much better. so much that last night did a 16 mile bike ride without even a twinge of pain. Did a Yoga class – restorative – on Monday.

The funny part is, as soon as I stopped boot camp, I was less hungry. I’ve been 148 ish most of the time since I stopped exercising. Hope I didn’t lose muscle.

I’m starting back up slowly. Monday will be back at bootcamp, but only doing an over light job.