No Grains No Gains – Too Extreme for Me

There are several bloggers that I read every morning to focus my mind set for the day.

Sunny Coconut: Jeanette C
I eat Paleo & I run: Leigh C
Garden Girl: Karen P
Roni’s Weigh: Roni N

Some of them have chosen to do the Paleo (no grains/no processed food)… others have thrown away the scale and use clothes to keep accountable.

I learn a little bit more each time I read one of their posts, but I’m still not there for NO grains. I’ve definitely revised the grains I do have, over time. But I think one of the keys to “keeping my weight off” the past 2 years 4 months is balance.

  • Drinking lots of water (lots of water) helps to balance when I’m going out with my “regular” friends who tend to focus on all the “bad” foods/drinks as part of a “celebration”
  • Maintaining a strict 3 days high intensity exercise habit at the gym and developing new friends there
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle habits of bike riding with yet another group of friends and having “healthy” pot lucks after (that’s where I first had quinoa, kale etc.)
  • At least one night a week dinner of all veggies. Love roasted veggies. Love mashed cauliflower. Only one or 2 nights where I eat grains.
  • Focus on lean protein and LOTS of veggies.
  • Zero point soup in the fridge each week to eat FIRST.
  • Crock pot paleo dinner ready when I walk in the door at night.

If the foods for “eating right / eating healthy” are prepared and ready to eat, I’ll go to them first, every time. The problem with grains, it’s just so easy to grab and eat and done and then then sugar is doing a number on my body chemistry.

10/7/2007 HW: 212
March 2013 LW: 143
11/7/2014 Current: 152.6

And I’m not ready to throw away the scale. I need that in my face every morning.

Bad Situation: Still haven’t figured out how to resist when it’s starring me in the face. Pizza at an open house. Homemade hot chocolate cookies with ice cream to “share” dessert at the table.  I guess that’s where I should pop in the gum.  It’s the buffet. Need more tools and strategies of how to not even take a little.

Although my weight is up from the low of 143,  I have gained muscle. My jeans are 8/10.