2017 Results

I am very pleased with my running results during 2017! And also with my weight. (Lost the 10 pounds I gained during 2016.) During Jan/Feb/March I did the 60 day challenge which got me in the habit of going to the gym and trying new classes. The restorative Yoga STUCK! I go every Monday and it’s been wonderful. Also have been doing Vinyasa yoga on Sunday’s but not as regularly.

Biking like crazy April – August. Finished the MS ride strong, because of all the spinning in April and May. And riding outside June/July.

I started running seriously in June to train for the Akron HALF. So incredibly proud of myself for completing this. Its that seriously can’t believe I actually did it kind of pride with a bit of wonder. Was a bit worried as I irritated my achilles tendon during a 7 mile hike while camping on June 9th. A trip to the PT doc and lots of tape during the summer has helped. And of course doing my foam rolling, tennis ball and glute strengthening exercises. Still have a lump on it end of Oct.

  • Sunday April 30, 2017, Raccoon Run  5K, Stow Ohio, 2nd in age group!. 37:48 chip time, 12:02
  • Saturday, June 17, 2017 Ohio City Run and Crawl 5K, Cleveland Ohio (90 degree weather) Age group place:#1!  bib:2251 age:60 place:511/608 time:40:22.19 Pace: 13:01/M
  • Sunday, July 2, 2017, Firecracker 10K, Cleveland Ohio. Won 1st age group! (7/2/17) 12:47/M 1:21:10
  • Taste of Hudson 5K Hudson Oh Sept. 4, 2017 Labor Day Monday. 11:45/mi (wow, I surprised myself!) 36:30. (5/8 50 and over age group and 89/101 whole race)
  • Akron Half Marathon – Sept. 23, 2017 Saturday. Hot weather. pace: 13:31/mi chip: 2:56:53 (they also had something called age graded time 2:16:58 who0t!)
  • Twinsburg Turkey Trot (11/11/17) Cold, 2nd age group. 5 miles 12:35/mile 1:02:56. Felt fast the second half. Held back in the beginning. It was around 25 degrees and felt very cold. Negative splits at the end. Wt around 159.
  • Frosty 5 Hudson Christmas eve. Dec.24, 2017. 5 miles. – No go. Bad weather, my running buddy out of town and my reluctance to spend $35 meant a no go. I ran for an hour at the gym inside with no ice. Ended up with a total of 8.5 miles for the day.