2018 Akron Half – I finished!

They say to have an A, B, C goal for the race. My A goal was to finish under time, which I missed by 1:47…

But I nailed my B and C goal, which probably should have been my A Goal:

I finished without doing any damage to my Achilles! And wow, is that a win. I really can’t get over it. No pain. None. What’s the deal with that?!! All that rehab and prehab, that’s what!

  • side monster walks
  • one leg balance, other leg slider
  • lay on side and do little circles with foot
  • heel raises

meanwhile – continue with what has been working:

  • Rolling
  • Golf ball toes and joint in foot
  • Walk the hills
  • Thera gun on my calf knot (homedics)
  • Amazing KT tape job by a professional skater from Orlando.

REALLY!!! It’s amazing to me that these tiny PT exercises are strengthening something in my hips and feet.

I thought it was toast after seeing a snake on my 8.5 of my 10 mile training run two weeks before Akron. Honestly, I could hardly walk.

Akron again? Hell yes. But I’ve got to find the right shoes that don’t give me blisters and don’t aggrevate my achilles. The height is right, but the heel support around the achilles is not cutting it.

Also, have to work on my mental running game. Get the right music, the right attitude. And figure out how to keep my resiliance when I’m on the struggle bus.

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